BNC group was found in 1998 and has Two core business sections:

Auto parts section(BNCWHEELS):

Core Business: Manufacture and Export Auto Parts, Components and Accessories to global market, 

If you are looking for the premium quality auto parts and components with lower cost,

please visit our official website:


MRO Products section(Benewtec):

Core Business:

Import:High-Hech MRO Products and service to meet the customers demand in China

Export:Premium Quality with Cost competitive Industry products to global market from China

About Benewtec

As a world-class MRO integrated Provider locates in China and represent for EU & USA based manufacturers, 

Benewtec committed to be the best One-stop MRO provider and provide the better products and service to China market, 

Benewtec  has unique Core product and service competitive strength compare to others: 

The Premium Quality Suppliers DataBase for MRO products and service.
Premium quality manufacturers are critical to our success. Benewtec adopt advanced supplier management system 

to select products that can meet our customers` strict requirements, most of our employees have been worked for 

world Top 500 companies for more than 10 years, we know the actual demands and requirements of our customers 

on quality,cost & service and so we would like to provide our customers with high-quality MRO products and service: 

Testing and measuring instruments and equipments
Lab devices,instruments and Equipments
Spare parts for machines and equipments
Spare parts for Automation and control system
Cutting tools for machining process
Supporting machines and equipments
Tailor made parts and components based on customer technical specification
Industrial consumable material and valued added service. 

For the purpose of providing better service, an expanding distribution network, broad product line have been established.
TCO concept(Total Cost Ownership), bundling purchasing strategy,Frame contract purchasing  strategies enhance Benewtec to 

be better one-stop MRO provider and to provide a wide variety of delivery options help our customers saving time and cost.
By teaming up with Benewtec, our suppliers can access to many customers located in China, ranging from foreign investment & 

Multinational  companies to national corporations in various market segments, including industrial, manufacturing, university 

and institutes, government, commercial and contractor markets.
Suppliers benefit from having their products and brands promoted by Benewtec marketing platform and networks, 

including our catalogs, exthitions, direct mail and website.
If you are a supplier with better performance in quality control and managment system, please contact us,
Benewtec would like to promote your products across China, we can share the fruit of China booming economy,
we can grow up together!

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